Lyric – Come on (CD Lost)


Come on all you idle people, step out of your fancy cars
Why don’t you take the bike now, or can’t you walk so far
Are you so lazy that you really don’t care at all

We’re all just sitting lonely, safe in our big fat cars
Thus slowing down traffic, egoistical as we are
We just don’t want the troubles, of others in our cars

We all join together to be but lonely stars
Why do we behave the same, not showing who we really are
We are like sheep, who are afraid to stand alone
We just can’t live without our Internet and mobile phones

We live in great big houses to impress the other side
With nice big gardens, in which we can truly hide
We show off our possessions to cover our insecurities

Come on you silly people, shut off your mobile phones
Let’s talk direct to people , and visit each other’s homes
Let’s treat other people like you wanna be treated yourself

© 2012 Rico van Hooren

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