Lyric – I wanna run ( Cd Lost)


They don’t want this, and they don’t want that
Saying stupid things they don’t regret
Looking for themselves, don’t care about the rest
Talking about each other, they don’t hold back

Just sit and wait for things to come. Drinking coffee, just stay at home
They’re growing big and fat. Smoking cigarettes and things like that
I don’t like people hating everything. Without solutions for anything
Just complaining to complain. Waiting for the sun after the rain

I was born here, but I have a growing fear
That I don’t belong here anymore. Don’t know what I’m living for
I don’t speak the language. People are ignoring me.
I don’t want to be judged. I just wanna be free

I want to run. Run away from here
Cause I can’t bear, all the gossip here
Which I don’t wanna hear

Don’t wanna stay. Stay for longer here
I got some awesome fear. So I won’t let a tear
When I’m away, from (here)

Here I’m gonna live and here I’m gonna die
Outward I laugh but inside I cry
Why I stayed and didn’t leave
Not listening to my heart but still believed
That I could build bridges to their hearts
Not knowing that I would fall apart.
Why do I deserve all these things and what will my destiny bring
I’m too soft for growing strong
That’s why I think that here I belong.
Cause people here are close to you and most of times they are social too
Their mouth are big but their hearts are small
They are not wrong or bad at all
They just want to prove themselves, so they can put their mind on a shelve.
I think that I have to bear and accept, their complaints and their regrets

I have to live with it , and make the best of it

Don’t have to run. Run away from here
So I have to bear. All the gossip here
Which I have to hear. I have to stay
Stay forever here. I don’t have to fear

And won’t let a tear. When I stay here

© 2012 Rico van Hooren


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