Lyric – Cut it of ( Cd Lost)


All the girls have the same long hair
I wanna cut it off, not gonna fall in love
They all look the same,with their make-up on
Don’t wanna see them at all, they’ll never turn me on

I wanna cut their hair
I wanna keep it short
Don’t let it hang down

Don’t like the length of it
It’s gonna make me sick
Don’t wanna be around

It’s hanging in their face, Don’t want their big embrace
And when it gets too wet, Don’t want it in my bed
Put it behind the ears, Don’t like the look she wears
Their eyes are black and big, It’s gonna make me sick

They want it blond or black, Just longer than their neck
Some have it down their back, They wanna look perfect
But when they cut it off, They are gonna be mad

They feel better off fat, Well, that’s a fact

© 2012 Rico van Hooren

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